Why Is My Screen Stuck on the Vibe Logo During the First-time Bootup?

This is a troubleshooting article for solving initialization problems.

75 1 This article applies to the Vibe Smartboard Pro 75″.

Step 1: Check if the Computing Module is installed

As the Vibe Smartboard Pro 75″ and its Computing Module arrive in separate packages, please make sure you received all of them before beginning the setup process.

Check if you have correctly installed the Computing Module behind the screen.


Step 2: Check if the power cable is connected

Please make sure the power cable is connected and the power switch behind the board is turned on.


See if the power indicator LED turns green after the front power button is pressed.

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Step 3: Check if the Computing Module is powered

Check the Computing Module's indicators after pressing the front power button. You should be able to see a yellowish-green light and a flickering red light.


If problem persists after going through all the steps, please contact Vibe customer success team.