User Scenario: Teaching with Vibe, Zoom and PowerPoint

Situation: A new Vibe customer wants to teach using Zoom, the Vibe whiteboard + PowerPoint app in a split screen view, and will use a webcam attached to a computer across from Vibe.

Prep checklist before the first class:  

  1. Create your Vibe account and sign into your account on the Vibe board.
  2. Download the Zoom and PowerPoint applications to your Vibe.
    • For tips on how to download applications, please see this article
  3. For Zoom, you can simply join a meeting as a participant, but you can also sign into your account in the app. 
  4. For PowerPoint, you should sign into your Office 365 account to load the PowerPoint from your OneDrive (or you can connect a USB with the PowerPoint file to Vibe, and open the file in the app)
  5. Attach the webcam to your computer and test out the angle (see Recommended Camera Setup for a diagram and more details).


Setting up for your class: 

  1. Open the Vibe canvas or start a new one for your class.
  2. Host the Zoom meeting from your computer, connect to audio, and make sure the webcam can see your Vibe board.
  3. Open the Zoom application on the Vibe board.
  4. Join the same Zoom meeting from the Vibe board as a participant (using the meeting ID and a password, if required).
    • When joining, check the 2 green toggle options next to "Don't Connect To Audio" and "Turn Off My Video" - since the webcam is not attached to Vibe, checking these options will ensure Zoom isn't searching for the webcam.
  5. Once you have joined (depending on your Zoom settings you might need to allow the Vibe board to join), then select "Share" from the bottom of the Zoom application menu.
    • You may need to tap on the screen for the menu to appear. 
  6. Select "Share" to bring up a list of options, and then select "Screen" to share the entire Vibe screen with your participants. 
  7. The Vibe Canvas application will open in full screen.
  8. Open the PowerPoint application and the PowerPoint file from cloud storage or USB - it should launch in split screen next to the Vibe Canvas. 
    • If for some reason it doesn't launch in split screen, you can go to the Launch Center and drag the PowerPoint app on top of the Vibe Canvas app to launch them in split screen view.
  9. Your participants should now be able to see the Vibe Canvas + PowerPoint in the full screen view, and they will also be able to see your camera in a small window with the other participants on your Zoom call.