Vanadium 2.8.6 (4/11/22)

Group-1 Enhancements 

  1. Better support for opening files in File Explorer 
    With enhanced file support, you'll find it easier to open local files with the proper supported apps. Simply open a file with the File Explorer app, and then you can choose from a list of apps to open the file with.
    Group 1002497
    Can't find the app you want to use? Just install the app you need on your Vibe board first.  😊
  2. Support casting confirmation for Chromecast
    We now support casting confirmation for Chromecast to help prevent accidental casts during important occasions such as client presentations or teaching sessions. 
    Group 1002495
    To use Chromecast confirmation, go to Settings -> General -> Vibe Cast -> Stream Directly. Disable Stream Directly and then you'll see a confirmation window pop-up before streaming with Chromecast.
    Group 1002496