Vibe Pro 0.9.6 (6/24/22)

Group-2 New Features

On the Vibe Pro 75″

  1. Customize Home Screen Widgets. You have the final say on what your home screen looks like! Keep a standard wallpaper, show your meeting schedule for the day—it’s up to you! To customize your home screen widgets, go to SettingsPersonalizationCustomize Home Screen.
  2. Get a Head Start with Onboarding Tours. We’ve added new onboarding tours for Vibe Canvas and the Vibe Pro 75''. Get a quick walkthrough about key tools, functions, and UI elements, so you can get up to speed with Vibe.
  3. New Android Apps Available. We’ve added some new Android apps to the Vibe App Store. Download Chrome, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PowerBI, and Photoshop right now!
  4. Cast Settings and Configuration. Stay safe out there! You can now turn on/off cast configuration and set a cast passcode to keep your Vibe protected.
  5. Video Conferencing Account Settings. Looking for a fresh start? You can now reset one-click video conferencing (VC) and clear your VC accounts in system settings.
  6. Custom Screensavers. Have more fun with customizable screensavers! Pick a photo album or select some branded images to welcome folks into your huddle room. 

Group-1 Enhancements 

On the Vibe Pro 75″

  1. More Intuitive Set-Up. We’ve refreshed the user flow and introduced new UI styles, so you can get up and running with Vibe. Tip: This can also help IT managers during device enrollment and remote management!
  2. Refined One-Click VC Set-Up. Learn how to set up one-click video conferencing here so you can enjoy a seamless meeting experience.