Vibe Aluminum 1.3.2 (03/04/2020)

New features here! Office docs import from One Drive is now supported on Vibe board. And new features are available for Vibe web application users (customized canvas, pdf export, post-its, etc).

On Vibe Board

Group-2 New Feature

  • Office Docs import from OneDrive

        For OneDrive users, now you can import Office Docs (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) into Vibe            Board Canvas. 
   Group 279

Group-1 Enhancement

  • Undo / Redo
    You can undo your last action if it was by mistake. Now, this feature is more stable than it used to be.
  • Weak Network
    The network stability is enhanced.
  • Device Administration
    The rules for device administration have been simplified to make it easy to use.

On Web - Web App 0.1.0 (03/05/2020)

Group-2 New Features

  • Colorful Post-it notes
    Create or edit Post-it notes with colors!
      Group 258
  • Export as PDF:
    Export the board and download it as a PDF file, so that you can easily share with your teams.

    Mask Group-2

  • Copy / Paste / Cut
    Now you can copy/paste/cut an object, just like on Vibe board.

    For text

    For post-it
           a 1
  • Canvas Background
    Select grids and different colors to customize your canvas!

    web canvas
  • More pen size and colors
    Utilize different sized and colored pens for creative writing and drawing.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. (see Navigation Guide)