Vibe Argon 2.3.1 (02/02/21)

On Vibe Board & Web App

Group-2 New Features

1. Search Canvas

Now you can search the titles of all of your canvases for keywords, making it easier to find the canvas you are looking for.

2. Google Team Drive added

Vibe Canvas cloud drive integrations now support importing from Google Team Drives. To access or set up this feature, when you are logged into your account, go to the "+" on the whiteboard toolbar to configure your Google Drive integration.

Please see this help article for more details on setting up a Google Drive integration.


Group-1 Enhancements

  1. Annotation Toolbar

    Position of the Annotation Toolbar will remain in the same spot during a session.

  2. Add page (Vibe Board only)

    Enhancement to current page management, making it easier to add a page between existing pages. (The feature will be added to the web app in a future release.)

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