How much is Vibe? What is included?

Board: $2,999 USD / Optional Stand: $500 USD

The Vibe board is $2,999 USD and includes free shipping within the U.S.

When purchasing a Vibe board, your package will include:

Board image
    • 55" UHD touchscreen Vibe interactive whiteboard
    • 2 Vibe Touch Styluses (styluses are magnetic and can clip to the side of the board or to your stand)
    • Power Cord
    • Owner's Manual and Quick Start Guide
    • Warranty Registration Card 





Extra Styluses

While each Vibe board comes with 2 complimentary styluses, Vibe also sells additional styluses if you want to get a few extra. Additional pairs (2 styluses) are $15 USD* and customers can order directly from the Vibe store.


Vibe Stands 

Vibe also designed an optional custom mobile stand that is available for $500 USD* and they are available in red or white. Vibe stands come with an assembly manual.


White Vibe StandStand image


*Notes on shipping charges: 

- If you order the mobile stand separately from the Vibe board, there will be an additional $150 USD large good shipping fee. 

- If you order styluses separately from other products, there will be a small shipping fee of $7.50 USD. 


How to place an order:


What if my organization is tax-exempt? 

If you are buying our product directly from our online store, you will not have to pay taxes if you are outside of WA State.

If you purchase Vibe from Amazon, applicable sales taxes will be applied at checkout for your state.