Vibe Pro 0.6.0 (12/27/21)

Group-2 New Features

On the Vibe Pro 75″

  1. Support for File Transfer
    File Transfer lets you share documents, photos, videos, and more with nearby Vibe devices via the Vibe Cast website ( To use File Transfer, the device you’re sharing from and the Vibe board you're sharing to must be connected to the same network. 

Group-1 Enhancements 

On the Vibe Pro 75″

  1. Improved split-screen feature
    The split-screen feature with onscreen instruction is now more user-friendly. You only need to hold an App icon briefly to trigger the split-screen mode, and you have a wider space for the app to snap into place after being dropped.
  2. Simplified Initial Setup Process
    We've improved your Out of Box Experience by simplifying the setup process when turning on Vibe for the first time.
  3. Hotspot Settings Retained after Reboot
    Vibe Hotspot's on/off status, and all its settings, will now be retained after you reboot your device.