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Latest release - Vibe Pro 0.7.1 (2/23/22)

Group-2 New Features

On the Vibe Pro 75″

  1. Support for Screencast with Picture-in-picture Mode 
    When screencasting, if you wish to overlay two screens, your casting stream can be made smaller and placed in a corner of your device's screen, creating a picture-in-picture (PIP) effect. You can resize the mirroring view screen by dragging the edges of its window.
    Screenshot 2022-02-21 1.55.54 PM

  2. Support for End Public Sessions and Auto End Session
    When you're browsing in a public session you can tap on exit button in the bottom-right corner to close all private browsing windows. You'll also be automatically signed out from all third-party applications to ensure your data security.
    6 - Start Screen
    To use these features, go to Settings - Security and Privacy - End Session, and toggle the switch on.

Group-1 Enhancements 

On the Vibe Pro 75″

  1. Access Your Canvas Account from a Public Session
    You can now sign into your Canvas account from a public session, and it will not automatically create a private session for you.