Vibe S1 1.2.0 (11/23/22)

Group-2 New Features

On the Vibe S1

  1. Upgrade to Chromium OS 104
    We’ve upgraded ChromeOS 92 to ChromeOS 104. Explore more advanced features such as dark mode, monthly calendar, etc.
  2. Session Set Up Wizards
    A very helpful guide for everyone new to Vibe Board. Follow these wizards to set up your own session and learn how to use the board!

  3. Stay Signed In
    Your session can be remembered even after rebooting. Turn the "Keep Me Signed In" setting ON and the next time you boot the device, you can easily input PIN to re-enter your session.
    Go to Settings → Accounts to view this setting.

  4. S1 Stylus Pairing Guidance
    We added an intuitive pairing guidance for your S1 stylus. Press any buttons on the stylus, and a notification will pop up on the device. Click [PAIR] to pair the stylus.
  5. Restart the Device
    A restart option is available now. Press the power button on the back of the device to open the power menu, then you can select the restart icon.

Group-1 Enhancements 

On the Vibe S1

  1. Enhanced Wallpaper Setting with Vibe Theme Wallpapers
    We uploaded some beautiful wallpapers in the [Vibe] category. Go to Settings → Wallpaper to select a new wallpaper for your device.
    We also added a guidance to introduce how to send images to the device. Download or transfer your favorite image and use it as your wallpaper.
  2. Longer Idle Time for Power Saving
    Idle times can now be longer. You can let the device to wait for 2, 3 or 6 hours before it goes to sleep/power off.