Vibe Sulfur 2.1.5 (09/28/2020)

Group-2 New Features

  • One-click Video Conferencing (Beta Invite)

    • Now you can start Zoom meetings on your Google Calendar with one click on the start screen.Frame 591


  1. Only accessible to customers who are using Zoom and Google Calendar. Other Video Conferencing apps will be supported in the near future.
  2. If you would like to participate in this early beta access, please fill in this form.

Read more:
How to set up one-click video conferencing with Outlook Calendar

How to set up one-click video conferencing with your Google Calendar

  • Offline mode refinement (Google Drive support) 

    • You can now save offline Vibe whiteboards directly to your Google Drive account. Mount Google Drive, and save and edit your Vibe whiteboards from there.

      Frame 589-2

  • Install 3rd party apps guide

    • Use the Apps that you are already familiar with. Get additional support for Google Play Store (Beta) with a self-service guide at the end of the App Store that assists with the installation process.
      Frame 590-2

Groupenhance  Enhancements 

  • HDMI + USB multi-touch backs support

    • Now we support multi-fingers touchback on Windows and Chromebook with HDMI and micro USB. 
    • For more information, please visit this article.