Vibe Sulfur 2.0.5 (Beta) 07/13/20

Group  New Features

  • Brand New System User Interface

    • On the top, you will find the following from left to right, Menu, Board Options, File Location, 'Share' button, and Presentation mode.
    • At the bottom, a new system status bar is added for your convenience. On the status bar, you will find the following from left to right, 'Back' button, App store, Launch center, Quick settings, and End session.




  • Offline Mode & Secure Mode

    • Get another layer of privacy and security. Now you can use Vibe without using an Internet connection or without connecting to the Vibe Cloud.
      • Offline Mode: You can save files at local folders without an internet connection
      • Secure Mode: You can select which local file to share through Vibe Cloud

  • Presentation Mode & Dark background

    • Make your presentation cleaner without showing other tools. You can even make it a blackboard with a new dark background ( A new canvas color).

      dark mode
  • Vibe App Store

    • App Launcher lists the apps installed on this Vibe
    • You can download and update apps from the App Store

      2020-06-17 105856 +0000
  • Launch Center

    • In the new Launch Center, you can drag applications on top of each other to launch split-screen mode. Come here to view and easily switch between all of your open apps.
    app switcher


  • Using HDMI

    • When HDMI-in detected,  there would be an 'HDMI' button in the status bar. Click on that, and you can easily switch to your other device screen.

      Using HDMI


  • Annotation

    • Annotation mode got even better - more color options, additional pen sizes, and now a highlighter and laser pointer option.

2020-06-17 110103 +0000

  • Auto End Session

    • For customers wanting extra privacy and security, you can enable this feature so that sessions are automatically ended after 10 minutes of inactivity.
    • This function is turned off by default, but you can enable this feature by going to Settings > Auto End Session.

auto end


Groupenhance  Enhancement

  • A new eraser option is available that will only clear strokes. This means you can erase all the pen and highlighter strokes without deleting objects, including images, text boxes, and sticky notes on your canvas.
Group 305
  • More pen sizes and colors are now supported to unleash your creativity.
    Group 306
  • System updates have been redesigned for better customer experience.
    • It will no longer interrupt you while you are using the Vibe.
    • No more waiting for the download; it will download the update by itself automatically.
    • Self-updating during the night is also supported.