Vibe Web App: Video Tutorials

Videos on using the Vibe web application in your computer browser.

Access Vibe from your web browser here: 



Video: Vibe Web App Features 

This overview video covers all the profile, channel and toolbar features available Vibe web app.

See the 5 minute video here. 


Video: Importing Images and PDFs on the Web App

In the Vibe web app, you can easily drag & drop images or PDFs onto the board. You can also upload local files, or import from cloud storage locations (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) that have been connected to your Vibe user profile. 

See the 2 minute video here



Video: Sharing and Joining Boards through the Web App

You can share or join existing boards in the Vibe web app for realtime collaboration, or export a board as a PDF. 

See the 1.5 minute video here.