What should I expect from a Vibe product demo?

Vibe offers a 30 minute product demo tailored to your needs

Before purchasing a Vibe board, many customers find it helpful to schedule a 30 minute 1:1 product demo of Vibe with our sales team.

Demos are done remotely through a Zoom video conference, and you are welcome to invite as many people on your team as you'd like.


What happens during a demo?

During the demo, we will discuss your goals for a new device, current applications you would like to integrate, and address any questions you might have.

We will also join the Zoom meeting through the Vibe board and share the board's screen so we can take you through the whiteboarding features & toolbar, screencasting options, and 3rd party applications.


Can you record the demo?

Demos can be recorded for sharing with your team - please just ask at the beginning of the call!


What if I am in another country? Can we schedule the demo for our time zone?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact sales@vibe.us and we would be happy to coordinate setting up a demo that works best for your time zone.