An overview of the Zoom application

Tips for using the Zoom application with your Vibe board.

1. Installing the Zoom application

Before using Zoom, you will need to download this application from the App Store. (Please see How to download applications on Vibe? for more details.)


2. Decide how you'll connect to audio

Vibe does not have a built-in camera or microphone, so you have two options:

Option 1 - Use 2 devices

Host or join the same Zoom meeting from another device (such as your computer) and connect to audio and/or video from that device.

Then connect to the same Zoom meeting from your board, but do not connect to audio (or you will have echo issues). 

Option 2 - Use Vibe only

If you prefer to use only Vibe, you can attach a USB webcam and connect to audio from Vibe. We recommend using the USB 2.0 port with your webcam for the best sound quality. 

  • Please note that for Option 2, once you start sharing your screen, your camera will turn off (but you will still have audio).
  • This is because all of the 3rd party applications on Vibe are mobile apps and have slightly more limited functionality than the desktop app. 
  • If you would like to keep the camera on, open the Zoom app again and then turn the camera back on. Some customers like to use this option with a split screen mode so the camera doesn't turn off. 

3. Joining the Zoom application from Vibe

Once the Zoom app has been installed on your device, you can go back to the App store to open this application.

Zoom will open in a split screen if you have the Vibe Canvas or another application open.


Depending on if you are using another device or not, you can then 

1) Join a Meeting (recommended if you are hosting the Zoom meeting from another device)

When joining a meeting, add your Meeting ID (and password, if required).

If you do not have a webcam attached to Vibe, please toggle on the options to "Don't Connect to Audio" and  "Turn off My Video" - otherwise Vibe will search for a camera/ mic that does not exist! 

2) Sign In if you'd like to sign into your Zoom account and host the meeting from Vibe (this is the best option if you have a webcam attached to Vibe and are only connecting to Zoom from your Vibe board).

Note: We recommend doing a test run with the Zoom app before a big meeting, because the first time you use the Zoom application, there will be several popups (ex: permission to record audio, permit drawing over other apps). Once you agree to these, the pop ups should not come up again.


4. Sharing your Vibe Screen from the Zoom application

Once you are connected to the Zoom meeting from your Vibe board, tap on the black part of the screen to bring up the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, and select the "Share" option in the center.  

A menu will appear with options for sharing content - please select "Screen" (second option from the bottom) - this option will share your entire Vibe screen and anything you decide to display on Vibe: 

Once you share your screen, it will minimize the Zoom application and bring your content (the Vibe Canvas) to full screen view. The Zoom application is still running, and you can go to the Launch Center if you need to open it or launch in split screen. 

Video Resource - Using Zoom on Vibe:

To see this application used on Vibe, please check out the below link for how you can join a Zoom video call from Vibe and share the whiteboard screen in real time for better collaboration: